here comes the sun and i say...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 11:55 PM by Point Park Student Activities

Today was awesome in the Bayou because the sun joined us for the party and despite a little wind we managed to have comfortable temperatures of around 55. I worked mostly with a few peeps on a few side porches by digging holes for the posts and mixing cement. I also learned about lumber and how to identify an individual boards crowning direction. A piece of lumbar has a natural curve up or down but it's very slight. All of the boards need to have matching crowns to keep the base of a house level. For lunch today we had our packed lunch and joined the group from Bryn Athyn College and we ate at the Abita (uh-bee-tuh) Gazebo. We enjoyed the fellowship of our peers and some of us took a tour of the Abita museum. We learned about the rich history of the small town who descended from the Choctaw Indian Tribe. In the museum was a collection of arrow heads and and pictorial time line of the major events in Abita. After dinner we all took a trip to Starbucks were we socialized and continued to bond as a group. JW, our fearless leader, asked us questions about the trip and what changes we would like to see for future students. We also had a stirring conversation about the changes being made to the University; it is an ever growing urban campus. We are all hoping the weather keeps up for the rest of the trip!

-jake dannels

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