We thought everyone in New Orleans went swimming in their clothes before eating oysters

Monday, March 1, 2010 8:00 PM by Point Park Student Activities

After our astonishing encounters with Ronald, Mack, and Smitty in the 9th Ward, we decided to explore down town New Orleans. We walked through the light rain along Bourbon Street and bought some festive Mardi Gras masks and post cards as souvenirs. We also stopped and listened to some fantastic jazz outside the Famous Door while we read the names of all the celebrities who had been there. At this point the rain started to come down a little harder so we decided to trek the few blocks to the famous Cafe du Monde to warm up. When we got there I was a little shocked to see that the warm cafe I was envisioning was actually outside and filled with the extremely friendly crew who was also volunteering with Habitat. But once we got our hot coffee and chicory and fresh beignets buried under mountains of powdered sugar, my soul was soothed. Bekah, Karen, and Audrey decided the cool thing to do was to paint their faces with powdered sugar since everything was smothered in it anyway. After having a philosophical discussion about whether toilet paper should be rolled over or under, we decided to brave the rain and make our way to the Acme Oyster House. By this time the rain was coming down in sheets so we didn't make it very far. We sought out refuge in the Visitor's Center where we suddenly became extremely interested in every single brochure tucked inside the warm room. After overstaying our welcome, we attempted to leave again, but as buckets of water were dumped on our heads we were eagerly drawn into Aunt Sally's Praline's shop next door. Finally, our stomachs were aching and we knew it was time to actually make our way to dinner despite the cold, cold rain.

With J, Mamma Duck, W in the lead, his eleven ducklings attempted to fly across town to fill up on oysters; however, they soon realized that they could not fly and decided it was much easier to just swim through the streets of New Orleans. After weeks of swimming down streams, under waterfalls, and across oceans they finally arrived at the Acme Oyster House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, before they could even step inside the shelter, they were immediately pushed out and forced to stand under the Niagara Falls while they waited for a table of 12 to open.
YAY! We were finally comfortably seated in our squishy clothes around a long table with a roof over our heads. The brave ones all downed the delicious raw oysters. Audrey wasn't too fond of the slimy sensation of sea water running down her throat, but I loved it! Actually, I loved it so much that I ordered a whole plate full just for me, but this time they came sizzling with butter, cheese, and herbs...you can never go wrong with that sinful combination. I was quite involved in my own meal, but as far as I know, everyone was extremely satisfied with their delicious Po Boys, Gumbo, Soft shell crab, Jambalaya, and Hush Puppies (they even had a special veggie burger for Bekah!!!).
When we finished, JW was our savior and swam all by himself to the van and drove to pick us up. We blasted the heat on the way back...that is all I can say. This story is over. For now.

-Chelsea Carroll

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