Our Last Day in the Swamp

Saturday, March 6, 2010 5:18 PM by Point Park Student Activities
Saturday was bittersweet, as we had just said goodbye to our new acquaintances the day before, and were to depart back to Pittsburgh in the evening. That’s the bitter part. The sweet part was that Saturday morning we had an adventure in the bayous and swamps of Louisiana. Saturday morning, we arrived at the bank of the West Pearl River, which is the beginning location of Honey Island Swamp Tours. As I stepped out of our van, I immediately reached for my camera. I felt like we were about to embark on an adventure only seen in action movies, possibly never to return. The woodland shack we entered to pay for the tour was a cove of swamp life knick-knacks, including alligator heads, teeth, and “lucky” gator feet for sale. Once we paid, our brave group of twelve was lead to the river bank, where the water was seven feet too high , and onto a covered tour boat. Our captain’s name was Melvin Cousins, and spotting reptiles was his game. We left the dock and were told to keep our legs and arms inside the boat at all times, and each one of us had our cameras ready to catch that first picture of an alligator…
We were all amazed at how well Captain Cousins pointed out tiny lizards and snakes that were the same color as their swampy backdrop . What amazed me was the while he drove the boat, he gave and in depth history of Louisiana, and spotted animals. All in all, we saw a few lizards, two snakes, and something furry, and… an alligator!! Kind of. To makes sure we got to see one, our Captain was prepared with a baby gator found after flooding, separated from his mom. Everyone got to hold Little Bit, and some wanted to take him home, until we learned that he would grow to be nine feet long. We also saw remaining devastation of Katrina along the river, in the debris of destroyed fishing shacks and dwellings once used for weekend gatherings. Aside from these buildings, there are also many homes along the river that have either been rebuilt or remodeled.

But that was our wonderful swamp tour, we all managed to make it back to dry land safely, yes even Jake. We will miss you, Bayou.

-audrey prisk

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