The end is near

Friday, March 5, 2010 9:36 PM by Point Park Student Activities
So it's the last night of this trip and I'm sitting next to Jake who doesn't seem to remember my name...however, he is the trip's entertainment. He has this larger-than-life personality and is just like the energizer bunny with a slight defect. He keeps going and going, then straight-up falls asleep in about mid-conversation. Case in point: he'll be talking about the tiny street signs, cracking everyone up, and then the next minute he'll be snoring.

Anyway, about this week. I started out, like most of the group, with absolutely no idea of what construction work was like. Monday it took me seven hours to learn how to hammer correctly and put a nail into the roof upside down. By the end of the week, I could totally help put siding on your house if you needed me to and hammer any nail (well, except for the long bendy ones). It's so empowering, like, I CAN DO THIS. I think it's probably mental block people have before working because anyone can hammer a nail. You just have to be willing to overcome preconceived ideas about what you can do. Example: By the second day, my whole body hurt. But I was able to push past that and work for two more days! Maybe slower, but I was able to do it.

But work was just one aspect of the trip. Meeting the group and working as a team was a major importance. At first, I had no idea who I was going with. When I found out that nine other girls were going, I was nervous. I mean, girls together for too long = drama, right? Especially when seven of us are crammed into a windowless room that's slightly damp and has an off-smell. For some reason, that became one of my favorite parts of the trip. We would all be exhausted, but when it was time to go to bed, all of the girls in the room would stay up late and just talk! Not arguing, gossiping, of whatever, but just learning about each other's lives, lifestyles, and ideas. And this is what I learned about my new friends this week:

JW-He seems scary at first, like he just doesn't like you. But really, he is the coolest guy. He has this wry, hilarious humor.
Jake-like i said earlier, is the defective energizer bunny who is always trying new things and is the team's translator...he's the only one who likes to interact with the other groups...
Liz-tries to appear tough but is a really sweet caring person who is really patient if you need help with anything
April-has these incredible eyes and is always smiling. She seems really dedicated and sticks with any task she's given
Audrey-is so energetic! She is totally hardcore and hammers things with her body at weird angles since she's a dancer.
Chelsea (dancer)-is the funniest girl. She totally cracks me up and does this crazy warm up dance since she's always cold
Chelsea (photographer)-is really dedicated. She's been putting together this story for the Globe and works on it every night. Also, she has these huge aspirations for graduation that I'm sure will work for her
Kelly-also totally dedicated to the story! And she's so chill and always sharing her straightener with the rest of the group. She also has great bangs
Karen-is so sweet is like my little sister and also has beautiful. I get to braid her hair every night and we have these great talks when we walk outside around the church.
Laura-is always learning. You can just tell from the way she listens. And she has a great smile!
Megan-is so smart and is my source of information whenever i have a philosophical question. She also has great hair and knows a ton about ethnic food!

I'm probably not going to remember the extreme tiredness I felt after lunch, the times I smashed my finger with the hammer, or the nasty dog that kept following us after rolling in sewage. But I will remember how awesome these people were, how big their hearts are, and the friendships I made over this past week. Whether they're building houses, joining the Peace Corps, or just going to school, these people are really living life. And I feel so blessed to be in a group that worked together so well, where people were willing to sacrifice that last piece of gum or that front seat...well maybe the middle seat.

-bekah laslow

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  1. Point Park Student Activities Says:

    I love you guys! I'm so glad I got to work with you this week!

    <3 Bekah

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Me too! We had a great team and I wouldn't have had it any other way! Miss you guys already!


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