Pink Cheeks and Power Tools

Thursday, March 4, 2010 10:04 PM by Point Park Student Activities
Getting up at 6:50 AM is getting easier and easier as the days progress. We all felt super confident this morning as we loaded up the Habitat truck with materials to be used on the houses. We all tied on our tool belts, grabbed a bunch of nails, hammers, measuring tapes, and set out to work. Today we concentrated on one particular house and meet one of Habitat's home owners Warren. We were all happy to meet him as he stopped by for a few hours to contribute to one of the construction sites. At the end of the day we donated all of our volunteer hours towards his required service hours as being a Habitat home-owner. 7 hours per person times 12, gave Warren 84 hours. He was very grateful.

I, personally, spent most of this week digging holes for porch posts and setting them in concrete, but today I learned how to install J Channel for vinyl siding. After overcoming the muddy obstacles, and feeling my ladder sink into the quicksand-like-mud as I stood on it, April and I boxed in the top of the front porch and the door to the shed so that Kelly and Chelsey could start putting up the vinyl siding. Each day seems to be going by faster as more blood blisters appear. We all are becoming more confident with power tools, and our faces have started to turn pink from the sun. It just set in today that the end of our trip is approaching and we will have to leave Louisiana behind sooner than any of us want.

We had dinner with Bryn Athyn and Roanoke College tonight and afterwards we had an impromptu party with Roanoke. We all crammed into our small lounge and watched The Office. Yay Pam and Jim had their baby.

Two more days until we are back in Pittsburgh... full of vitamin D and ready to finish the second half of the semester. Hopefully the sun will follow us back up north!

-Laura Whitelock

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