Mud Baths Never Looked So Good

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 4:30 PM by Point Park Student Activities

Mud, mud, and more mud sufficiently summarizes the conditions of much of the ground that we were working on for our first day of work. The somewhat disappointing weather for our start-up did not stop our work, however, as we trudged through the slosh and worked alongside the trained professionals. We braved the harsh cold and hammered nails as if we had done this form of labor for years (the bent nails were just warm-ups). Members of our group climbed monstrous heights to work near and on the roofs of various homes-in-progress. Others mastered the art of mixing concrete and placing posts in the correctly leveled position. The trash which needed to be transported to the dumpster was completed with the help of myself and a few others from the group. We enjoyed placing the trash strategically in the back of the truck only to be removed a few minutes later in its' final destination. I must say we had interesting jobs that kept us on our toes, despite not being able to completely feel our feet due the the chills in the air.

Lunch never tasted so good as when we were able to sit in the van to warm ourselves up and sneak in a short but necessary nap. The rest of the afternoon ran smoothly and we continued with our assigned tasks. Our leaders and skilled craftsmen and craftswomen were the keys to our success and the reasons we avoided causing damage to the structures. Our dedication to helping and our determination to work through the cold were the reasons we completed the day with good attitudes and attractive, mud-covered attire.

-Kelly Cline

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